The Story of Antmare

For those who have the love of Aegean in their hearts…

Antmare, Hotel which is located at the entrance of the Port Alacati, only 3 miles away from the center, serves elegantly with 35 rooms all seasons. All exclusive rooms in Antmare Hotel, composing with Single, Double Rooms and Suites; are positioned right next to the sea side. The hospitality manner of Antmare Hotel is literally “Personalized Service” which is at your service in Alacati.

This is the story of our adventure, starting from the beginning with Antmare, I, Zafer Inan, was personally involved in all tiniest details in its design, I have enjoyed every moment of its completion phase. Picking up from furniture to linens, outfitting 35 elegantly selected rooms, beautifully decorating them, I got even more excited after each completion of the stage in this process is an ongoing story… our adventure

When Antmare Hotel’s construction has finally been completed, then it was right time to find a proper name for hotel. I decided to choose the name of “Antmare” due to its location next to sea side. As the “Antmare” name was approved by the owner of Antyapi, we were so ready to welcome you our precious guests.

I, Zafer Inan, truly believed that project in my heart and I completed it with my experience as a Project Manager, and then returned to Istanbul by leaving behind every moment in its completion phase.

However Alacati was still calling us back and we took this life changing decision somehow and decided to move back in Alacati. So I have started to run the Antmare since then. As a family cohesion, we are now very delighted to welcome you at our home now…

In the meantime; I offer my endless gratitude to those who always support me and never leave me alone in this process. I sincerely hope that we will finally have the strength and ability we always need for our lives.

When it comes to our story, every day before sunrise, we bake a slice of memory into every loaf of our sourdough, using a portion of the original mother dough and we bake delicious pasties every morning with love.

If you finish reading our story, we believe that even you are already a part of our story. Welcome to Antmare

Lots of love

Antmare Family

Zafer Inan